The client is always right. Or not?

Inside Cultimate
That's the question we put to Chris, the Operations Team Leader. During her time at Cultimate she has changed several roles and learned the zen of effective project management.
Below, Chris shares the secret of our inner kitchen.
Let's take a look at a case study: You want to get fit for the summer. To achieve your goal, you contact a personal fitness trainer. This is the best trainer in your town and he knows exactly how to plan your training and diet. However, you are very fond of sweets. You try to convince the trainer that cakes should still be part of your daily diet. What will the coach do?
He (or she) will probably say 'no'.
Even though the trainer knows better how to eat to get in shape as quickly as possible, he still can't make you give up sweets. After several attempts to change your mind with arguments and calorie calculations, he will eventually compromise.

➡️ At Cultimate, we apply the 'rule of three no's'. Like the coach, we can disagree with a client, but only three times. And with each objection, we make sure to present arguments based on data and our expertise.

Before the third objection, we remind the client that it is the last one, to underline its importance and to give them another chance to think about it. And only after the third "no" do we accept their point of view 100%.
The 'rule of three no's' is a win-win approach that allows us to get the coolest result possible. It allows us to dig deeper into the client's perspective, take a data-driven approach and stay focused on the partner's mission and priorities.