Research on Employer Branding in India

Employer Branding

Finally we publish the results of the research on Employer Branding in India

Six months ago, our team, supported by the European Association of Employer Branding, started to explore the Indian HR market. During these six months we met with over 50 HR and Employer Branding leaders. We asked them about their key challenges, local trends and the best cases in the market. We recently presented the results of our Indian Employer Brand Market Research and held the Award Ceremony.
Just some numbers:
  • 6 months of research,
  • top 10 employers by the employer branding community,
  • more than 50 1-1 interviews,
  • almost 100 hours of conversations,
  • 273 registrations for our presentation.

And more importantly, a very interesting trip around India meeting amazing people.

Now the full version of the research is available for free on our website:

You will discover:
  1. What's driving the Employer Branding market in India: the key local features, challenges and best practices.
  2. What the key local trends are when comparing India to Europe
  3. Details on how to establish a systematic approach to employer branding in your organization

BONUS: You will get the checklist to ensure you have the right quality & working Employer Value Proposition