Five principles of a true new generation employer

Employer Branding
We work with companies across a range of industries: from IT to oil and gas, from metallurgy to retail. After speaking to many employer brand and HR leaders, we have identified five key principles and values of a true new generation employer:

❤️ An empathetic culture

It knows how to listen and hear its employees. Values are not just posters in the office, but real principles by which the team works and lives; EVP is not just a slogan, but a caring attitude towards every employee.

🔍 Objective assessment of employees

It recruits the best candidates externally and knows how to look for talent internally. It uses competency matrices, assessments and other evaluation mechanisms to objectively shape its talent pool.

🚀 Opportunities for growth and development

The team of such an employer is confident that it will be able to realise its potential by 110%. The company has all the tools in place, such as a corporate university, rotation or leadership development programmes.

💻 Flexible working

It's all about freedom. Employees should be able to choose between working remotely or in a cool office with colleagues and lots of perks.

💡Young talent

This type of employer looks to the future. They understand that young and ambitious people are the foundation of the company. They drive bottom-up development and motivate top managers to look at the business in new ways.

Embed these five principles in your organisation and become – or remain – a new generation employer.