Employer Value Proposition (or EVP): the Heart of Employer Branding
Offline meet-up – Mumbai, Maharashtra
by Andrey Aliasov, CEO & Founder Cultimate, co-founder European Association of Employer Branding Agencies, 15 years of experience in employer branding, studied best HR practices in INSEAD, London Business School and Harvard Business School
Here we go! This Friday (3 March) I am organising a small face-to-face meeting for 10-15 people interested in EVP. Please come and feel free to invite your colleagues.
Talking to employer branding and HR leaders in India, I found that almost everyone is interested in the methodology we use when creating an Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Especially when you consider that last year my team and I conducted research on this topic, interviewing people with over 100 years of experience creating EVPs.
What we will discuss
  • What is corporate culture and how to build it
  • What is EVP, what should it be based on and how to create it
  • 3 main pitfalls when creating the EVP
  • 3 ways to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for an employer branding project
  • Good & bad EVP examples explained
  • Ways to create your own EVP
  • HRD & CHROs. You will understand how employer branding can be used to achieve business goals and deliver high ROI
  • Employer Brand Professionals. You'll understand how to build an employer brand that attracts and retains top talent.
  • Talent Acquisition Leaders. You'll learn how to accelerate job closures, increase response rates and attract talent that is a perfect fit for your organisation's culture.
Who should attend
About us
Cultimate — global employer Branding agency. We are the co-founders of the European Association of Employer Branding Agencies, which includes 10 other agencies from different countries. The members of the association are already leaders in their respective markets and have delivered hundreds of successful cases for their clients. We have worked with many global companies across a range of industries, delivering more than 30 EVPs and corporate culture projects with an average client score of 8.7 out of 10.
We have already organised an employer branding workshop in Bengaluru and scored 9 out of 10. Here is what happened:
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Head of Strategy, Cultimate
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